Big questions are at stake in the newest album from the singer-songwriter Martin Buch. He won’t guarantee that the answers can be found on “The Search for Nothing”, but the 11 songs on the album delve into the quirky and at times self-destructive human nature and take a stand on why we act like we do.

he hadn’t thought he would be making any more albums. Too much time had passed, and his birth certificate revealed that he no longer belonged to the youthful ‘upcomers’. Meanwhile, the urge to create could not be suppressed, and before long the first songs were ready.


Martin Buch is a provincial troubadour. A musician and songwriter with a lot of stories and tales.

He has been writing songs since he was a teenager and released the album "Pieces of a fractured mind" in 2012.

But it became the epic "Below the Surface" from 2015, where he personally and honestly portrays his wifes mental illness, that seriously made a mark on the Danish music scene.

A number of successful solo concerts, mainly for the Danish Association BetterPsychiatry, took him hard and ended up pulling the plug and putting the guitar on the shelf. Each concert was a reminder of what he was fighting at home.

After a year off, on the edge of Zealand in the hometown of Korsør, Martin Buch was ready to play his songs again.

Now with brand new tunes. An entire album that offers 11 songs that honor the art of songwriting uncompromisingly and without consideration for today's unwritten requirements and criteria for A mainstream pop release.

The music depicts a lot of what the 36 year old Martin Buch is wondering about. What's the meaning of it all? Do I ever find inner peace and alot more...

But also the recognition that we will not escape life without dying.

These songs are written, recorded and released with maximum musical performance from the songwriter and his little band consisting of bassplayer Joachim Rønnow and drummer Jesper Tettero.

Recording of the album took place with a acoustic demo as kickstarter, and then the two musicians were allowed to contribute to the songs what they seemed fit. That way, the album has achieved versatility, freshness and boldness that one rarely can achieve sole musician and arranger.

It has become a band album, A "No Bullshit" album.


On the stage, Martin Buch & De små effekters Band (Band of small details) delivers a great show, good stories and lovely music.


All photos by Katja Fabricius Buchwald

For more pictures, please visit my instagram: martinbuchofficial




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